Hey! I'm Sara.

I am a creative marketing expert with experience in animal welfare, mental health, nonprofits, and trade associations. My specialties include WordPress web design and management, graphic design, and creative project management.

WordPress Website Design

I have a passion for creating beautiful and intuitive websites that support the company’s vision and needs. Websites are the hub of businesses today, in an online world, and it’s important to consider the goals of a brand in creating your website in the design, functionality, and SEO.

Graphic Design

I love to create beautiful designs and branding to communicate a clear message to your ideal audience. I have experience with creating logos and branding; creating assets for social media, email, and web; and designing for print.

Creative Project Management

I’m a natural organizer who thinks in systems and processes. I love to take the creative and give it structure to drive projects forward. Whether I’m managing a team of volunteers or “managing up”, I’m constantly putting systems into place to increase efficiency.

Email Marketing

I am an experienced email marketer who loves to bring in a little humor. I am currently the voice behind the Collaborate and Learn Newsletter, the punniest newsletter in animal welfare.

Social Media Marketing

I have experience managing social media accounts for a variety of brands, including national and international brands.

And more!

I’m a multifaceted creative with a knack for picking up new skills. I have simple animation and video editing skills, knowledge of HTML and CSS, and come at my work with a “figure it out and make it happen” mind set.

"Sara's skill set and passion in digital design comes across in every area of her work. Whether it's in her communication style, her storytelling vision through art, or her attention to detail with clients, she always approaches each project and problem with a fresh eye and vibrant spirit...Her uniqueness shines through in her branding, and it makes her all the more valuable to each team she helps support."
Wandy Felicita Ortiz
Wandy Felicita Ortiz
Newsletter Producer at Fortune

Get In Touch

Ready to get in touch? Email me at hello@thesaramiller.com.